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Digital Asset Market Intelligence

Access trillions of calculations, billions of dollars of liquidity & millions of trading opportunities




One application for data and insights covering 20+ exchanges and over 5,000 markets globally

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Integration made easy

One API for aggregated exchange data & APEX:E3 intelligence

Our award-winning big-data analytics architecture is working 24/7 to aggregate Digital Asset market data and create insights through trillions of calculations. This data represents billions of dollars of liquidity and enables our community to identify millions of trading opportunities. Easily connect to our real-time, low latency data feeds from any programming language.



Whats being said about APEX:E3

Allowing customers to access the rich set of advanced and differentiated native capabilities that ApexE3 is becoming known for is a critical step in our journey as we continue to drive towards the true democratization of capital markets.

Tim Grant
CEO of SIX Digital Exchange

I’m excited to see APEX:E3 adding support for FTX markets and excited to see them growing in the crypto data ecosystem!

Sam Bankman-Fried

The APEX:E3 API will give traders and financial organizations the ability to embed advanced analytics in their pricing models, trading algorithms and dashboards. The language agnostic nature of the API means that users of different programming languages can benefit from this unique market data set.

Peter Golder
Chief Commercial Officer of SIX Digital Exchange

It is great to see team APEX:E3 continue to empower the crypto community with institutional grade capabilities. The APEX:E3 API will help individuals and organisations enrich their apps and websites with market intelligence generated by their award winning platform – that is an exciting prospect!

Min Teo
Managing Investment Partner at ConsenSys Investments

The APEX:E3 platform is an invaluable resource of meaningful and time sensitive actionable trading data. I use it daily and find trading opportunities by using the screener and orderbook insights. As a developer, the APEX:E3 API will make it very easy to build powerful trading algos using these unique insights. This is great for our community!

Mike Faleti
Systematic Trader at a fund / Quant

Orderbook analysis can result in powerful metrics that help identify intent. It is normally quite difficult to get this information in real-time. The APEX:E3 site and API provide easy access to this information clearly differentiating it from others.

David Rose
Retail Trader


2020 Award Winners

FinTech Based in LONDON

About us

Institutional grade trading technology, available to everyone

APEX:E3 is a London based finTech organisation building an institutional grade market intelligence platform for retail traders and institutions. We have a highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, technologists and traders enabling us to execute on our mission to democratise data analytics.

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One place for all exchange data and premium insights across the whole Digital Asset ecosystem

Retail Traders

Access our institutional quality analytics and insights that have typically only been available to institutions with large quant teams.

Algorithmic Traders

Generate new and more powerful trading signals with our customisable on demand or real-time streamed data feeds.

Funds / Institutions

Embed our new advanced market intelligence in pricing models, trading algorithms and dashboards.

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