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Institutional grade trading technology, available to everyone

2020 Award Winners of “Best AI Product In Financial Services/ FinTech”



Consumes real-time level 2 / 3 order book data from over 5,000 Digital Asset markets. Using our proprietary data structures, algorithms and architecture, every order book update is processed and analysed, creating proprietary analytics like the volume order imbalance, spread tightening indicator, whale and market spoofing detection. Our intent is to use the same data structures, algorithms and architecture to consume and analyse Stock/FX order book data in due course.


Alongside over 50 standard moving average and stochastic indicators, ALICE has modelled the dynamics of level 2 and level 3 order books and as a result can now automate the detection of sustained volume order imbalances, tight spreads and the presence of market moving whales on 150 thousand order book updates a second. 

Containerized Algo Sandbox

Define and deploy your own proprietary trading algorithms into the cloud and allow ALICE to take care of delivering the results.


Delta anayltics process layer, can detect deltas across a myriad of global high impact indicators and events e.g. if a currency depreciates suddenly, an alert will be generated and tagged with an event based backtest and historical news, where the currency had suddenly depreciated before.

Search for historical or real-time market data, analytics, backtesting strategies and other value adding information.
Execution (Coming soon)

Execute from one place on the MAP using insights generated by ALICE.


Consumes, normalises, analyses and contextualises global market data, news, reddit posts, tweets, macro/micro economic event data and Github entries for over 100,000 Stocks, FX, ETFs, Commodities and Digital Assets.

Backtesting as a Service (BaaS)

Easily run trading strategies around significant events such as quarterly earnings reports, product launches, extreme weather events, geo-political issues and sports events.

Correlation engine

Test if any two time- series e.g. Stocks, FX, house prices, car sales etc are correlated – within seconds.

With a couple of clicks, create your own multi-asset watchlist, helping you navigate relevant markets, news, social media content and analytics.
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We are inspired by the great educators, inventors and discoverers of the past and in recent times, who have educated, empowered and elevated human civilisation to a new Apex

“I think I have learned that the best way to lift one’s self up is to help someone else.”  – Booker T Washington

Booker T Washington was born into slavery in the mid 1800s. He faced many struggles and life was very challenging for him. Despite all this hardship, he persevered, self educated himself and became a leader in the field of teaching. His legacy lives on through the Tuskegee Institute.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein

Arguably one of the greatest minds in recent generations, Albert Einstein consistently questioned the status quo, resulting in the construction of mathematical theories about the universe that hold true to this day. His love of learning is well documented and remains an inspiration for many people on the planet.

“Gentleman, I give you the Whittle engine.” – Frank Whittle

The world has become a smaller place because of Frank Whittle. Also known as the “Father of the jet”, he is credited with inventing the jet engine. He took on the aviation establishment and changed the world when revealing his jet engine design in early 1930. Winston Churchill said: “Get me a thousand Whittles”.

“The only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart.” – John Forbes Nash Jr

John F Nash was an amazing mathematician whose theories are featured richly within financial and economic centers of learning around the world. Despite personal adversity, he continued to work on his groundbreaking mathematical theories, which eventually lead him to share the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

“With my two algorithms, one can solve all problems – without error, if God wills!!” – Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi

Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi was a mathematician, astronomer and a scholar in the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. He is credited for developing the concept of the algorithm in mathematics and as a result he is often referred to as the “Grandfather of computer science”. The algorithm is at the heart of pretty much all computational processes around the world.

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past” – Sir Tim Berners Lee

TmBL is credited with inventing the World Wide Web. in 2019 over 4.3 billion people used the World Wide Web. The internet is regarded as one of the greatest inventions of modern history, empowering billions of people around the planet with access to over 18 zettabytes of data.

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We are dedicated to answering every question you throw at us. Feel free to ask us anything or share your feedback about our product. We would love to hear from you.

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About Us

COO – Automated Liquidity Identification Classification Engine  (ALICE)

ALICE is the Chief Operating Officer of the MAP. She is responsible for consuming, processing, structuring and persisting large volumes of real-time data from a myriad of global sources. She operates 24/7, maintaining the platforms security and data integrity. She automates the scaling of the system – both in hardware and software. ALICE’s favourite pastime involves performing 2nd order differential calculations in nano-seconds. Her favourite hobby consists of analysing the impact of geo-political events on financial markets. ALICE is constantly evolving.

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APEX:E3 launches cloud based multi-asset analytics platform for retail and institutional investors
    • Secures seed capital from ConsenSys
    • Initial launch targeting digital assets; plan to roll out platform across additional asset classes
LONDON, February 26, 2020APEX:E3 a leading provider of multi-asset analytics tools for retail and institutional investors, has today announced the launch of its cloud based multi-asset analytics platform. The team at APEX:E3 – a veteran team of FinTech business operators previously at fixed income trading platform Algomi – have launched their new platform after securing seed capital from ConsenSys. The platform has been initially developed for retail and institutional investors looking to trade digital assets simultaneously in a cross-asset capacity. The plan is to incorporate different, more traditional, asset classes in the future.
The core of the platform consists of an Automated Liquidity Identification and Classification Engine, also known as A.L.I.C.E, which can perform over 150 thousand calculations a second using proprietary algorithms. This enables the platform to analyse thousands of markets in real-time to help traders identify liquidity opportunities across exchanges globally. This in turn delivers unparalleled analytics and the ability for users to backtest and develop trading scenarios.
In addition, the engine can tag news and social content by identifying assets that are currently being discussed on social networks and forums, helping traders easily connect market movements and media events. The team has also deployed chat bots for various messaging platforms, giving traders and quants using the platform access to A.L.I.C.E’s long-short liquidation analysis and mathematics engine.
APEX:E3 has already been able to incorporate feedback during beta testing from its global community of traders and quants ahead of today’s launch.
The current launch version is focused on digital assets only and includes functionality such as:
    • Real-time identification of Altcoin liquidity based on the analysis of 5,000+ orderbooks in real-time
    • Ability to filter out markets based on a number of valuable metrics
    • Powerful search and analytics across relevant news, social media content and markets
    • Aggregated orderbook
    • Watchlist and alerts creation
APEX:E3 will be planning future releases of the platform which will include additional asset classes, and additional functionality such as the ability to execute on centralised and de-centralised exchanges; trading alerts functionality; event-based backtesting; an algo sandbox for testing financial models, and a mobile application. The platform can be accessed at
Usman Khan, CEO of APEX:E3 said:
“Our team is experienced in delivering institutional-grade technology and we are committed to building viable solutions for a wide range of traders and investors, including the retail sector which is massively underserved by the technology options available. We have addressed this need by providing low cost and easy access to our cloud-based multi-asset analytics platform. Starting with digital assets, we plan to expand the platform reach to additional asset classes in the future to make our platform truly multi-asset.”
Sharif El-Borgi, CTO, APEX:E3, said:
“We have taken a lean and agile approach with respect to developing the technology stack that underpins the platform. This has allowed us to iterate feedback from our community and ensure that we deliver a platform that is both flexible but also highly professional and premium in the features and experience that users can access.”
Min Teo, Partner at ConsenSys, said
“We are thrilled to support APEX:E3 as they launch their multi-asset platform to bring much needed institutional-grade technology to the retail trader community. We look forward to collaborating with the team in the future and supporting the further roll-out and development of this technology.”
Tim Grant, Chairman, APEX:E3, added:
“Our ambition is to democratise the use of institutional-grade technology to a wider foundation of traders around the world and add significant value to their day to day workflow. We will continue to deliver these kinds of products in our aim to educate and empower our users.”
About APEX:E3
APEX:E3 is a London based start-up focused on the creation of a multi-asset analytics platform for retail traders and institutions around the world. The firm is focused on delivering powerful solutions that add value to users that have traditionally been the preserve of the institutional financial community.
Media contact:
Charlie Morrow / Thomas Lodge – Cognito
+44 (0)20 426 9400


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